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barb vernie1 1Ask Vernie how long he’s been a mechanic and he’ll probably tell you he was born a mechanic. With his father’s shop just 30 feet from their home, Vernie grew up with the profession. His father was tagged as one of the best mechanics in this part of the country. Vernie was right beside his father in his shop from the time he could crawl until he was 18.

At that time Vernie went to work at a shop dealing with high performance cars and racecars. He spent several years involved with round track and drag racing. One of Vernie’s wildest races was the “Cannonball Run” from New York to California, the actual race, not the movie.

When he was 23, Vernie opened his own shop and began building a reputation that leads to his success today. Menke’s philosophy remains the same, “Treat people fair, do good work & do it right the first time.”

Sabrina Welch


Service Advisor

With 18 years of automotive experience in customer relations, service advisor, and shop management.

Honored to be a part of the Menkes family.

Growing and building memorable relationships with my team and all our customers.

Randy Ping


Service Advisor

NASCAR enging builder with over 31 years experience.

Proud to be a part of the Menkes team.

Expanding my abilities and building lasting relationships with my team and all of our customers.

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