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acura Repair Evansville acurai Mechanic

Acura goes from the conservative luxury of the Integra and Tsx to the downright futuristic with the NSX. Honda started to redefine itself as a high end manufacturer with the Acura line in 1986, and since then it’s reinvented itself again and again, with a boom in sales in the early 2000’s, and a steady legacy of high performance since then. Today, Acura is synonymous with quality, and the Acura has earned its place beside Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes as a top shelf luxury vehicle. Acura owners love their cars, and like most car lovers, they love to keep their cars in like new condition. Menke’s understands luxury vehicles, and we’re prepared to preserve your Acura in the warm glow of display room perfection.

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Audi Repair Newburgh Audi Mechanics back 300x300

Excellence in engineering is Audi’s claim to fame, and with state of the art technology and superior driving performance, it’s no wonder that these German luxury vehicles are growing in popularity throughout the Evansville and Newburgh area. At Menke’s, our commitment to technology is a perfect match for Audi’s spirit of innovation, and we’re proud to present the industry leading specialists that make us Vanderburgh county’s leading Audi repair facility.

Audi Diagnostic Equipment

Menke’s is equipped with the factory scanners required to fully diagnose and program Audi vehicles.  Combine this with computerized engine analysis and quarterly staff training on the newest diagnostic equipment available, and you get a repair experience that’s just as good as factory service and refurbishing.

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BMW Mechanics 300x300

The BMW is the ultimate experience in luxury vehicles. Sleek, fast, and beautifully contoured, BMW’s provide a powerful driving experience with the aesthetic beauty that car lovers crave. At Menke’s, we understand that luxury cars demand luxury treatment. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the best BMW service available in the Evansville and Newburgh area. Stop by Menke’s and find out why BMW repair is our specialty.

BMW Trained Specialists

Foreign car repair and service is a special area of interest at Menke’s automotive.  Each of our automotive technicians is specially trained and experienced in BMW service.  With state of the art technological expertise in computer assisted engine analysis and quarterly training updates on the newest diagnostic equipment, we can take your car up to factory new standards of performance excellence. 

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Commercial Fleet Services

Fleet Repair Newburgh Fleet Mechanics Husk 300x300

It’s no secret that Menke’s is Newburgh’s number one destination for foreign and domestic vehicle repair, but did you know that we’re also top rated for commercial fleet services? For over thirty years, we’ve worked with local Evansville and Newburgh businesses to keep operations flowing smoothly. We understand that whether your fleet numbers one or one hundred, time means money in business. That’s why we take special pride in providing prompt expert service that keeps your company on the road and protects your interest in the bottom line. Menke’s loves local businesses, and we love working hard to keep our fellow entrepreneurs happy.

Special Attention for Business Needs

Menke’s has the special resources it takes to keep your fleet on time and on the road.  Bring on the trucks and vans.  Our staff is ready to devote the manpower and dedication it takes to tackle large jobs and corporation level assignments! 

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Honda repair 300x300

Honda is recognized in the areas that matter most to the family buyer – safety ratings, fuel efficiency, and value. Honda builds more top safety rated cars than any other brand, and has been dedicated to incorporating intelligent technologies to increase your driving safety. Our highly trained technicians can maintain and repair that technology with cutting edge diagnostics and computer aided analysis. At Menke’s, your family and your Honda are in capable hands.

Superior Service for Hondas

Menke’s provides a wide variety of services for your Honda, including pre and post purchase inspections, transmission service, suspension repairs, fuel injection services, and electrical diagnosis and repair. 

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Hyundai and Kia

Hyundai Repair Hyundai Mechanic 300x300From the family oriented Sonata and Elantra to the almost eccentrically distinctive Kia, Hyundai has carved itself out a unique brand identity and established its name as a worthy competitor to the likes of Toyota. With space, safety, and just enough stylish wit, Hyundai has become one of the most recognizable automotive brands in the world. With an equal claim in the hearts of local families and local iconoclasts, we couldn’t help but reserve a special place in our shop for these Korean made vehicles.

Hyundai and Kia Diagnostic Technology

Let’s face it, with the exception of Hyundai, Korea isn’t exactly known for manufacturing cars.  Hyundais and Kias are just about the only popular brands of car to be Korean born, but at Menke’s, we think that’s exactly what makes them so special.  Unfortunately for Hyundai owners, that’s also what makes them so difficult to service.

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Japanese Repair Newburgh Japanese Mechanics Back 300x300

Japan is famous for crazy ideas, a commitment to innovation, and staying at the forefront of technology. At Menke’s, we can relate. As the Newburgh area’s top shop for foreign car repair, we love our Japanese cars, and we bring the same passion for forward thinking to automotive service that Japan brings to automotive production. Say Kon'nichiwa to Vanderburgh County’s best home for all import vehicles, and stop in at Menke’s!

Award Winning Technicians

With over two hundred and fifty years of combined service experience, we’ve seen every kind of foreign vehicle on the road, and are especially pleased to bring our expertise to everything made by Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Scion, Subaru, Isuzu, Datsun, Infiniti, Suzuki… and every other Japanese automotive manufacturer!  Comprehensive knowledge is our claim to fame. 

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Jeep repair 300x300

Jeeps are known for their rugged construction. These All American vehicles will take you up mountain roads and through muddy streams, but it’s just as common to see them at your local grocery store. No matter how you use your Jeep, your driving machine deserves to stay in strong running condition. Menke’s is specially equipped and fully trained to keep your Jeep prepared for the next adventure.

Skilled Technicians

Grueling driving conditions can wreak havoc with your Jeep. Menke’s expert technicians are prepared to counteract off-roading conditions and maintain your vehicle for continued safe driving.  Stay in factory new condition, and prepare for the next round of abuse. 

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Lexus Repair Newburgh Lexis Mechanics 300x300

Nothing says luxury like a Lexus. Since 1989, Toyota has been putting these high end driving machines onto the streets of the Evansville area, and for just as long, Menke’s has been proud to service them. We know what a Lexus can mean to its owner. From lush interiors to state of the art computer systems, driving a Lexus represents owning top of the line technology. We believe that repairing a Lexus demands the same level of polish and dedication to quality.

Lexus Diagnostic Equipment

Menke’s is fully equipped with the best machinery possible to repair this luxury offshoot of Toyota’s vehicle line.  In fact, we can repair just about any car.  Once every three months, the Menke’s staff is trained and updated on the newest diagnostic equipment available.  Part of this training is specially devoted to the Lexus. 

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Mercedes Benz Repair Evansville Mercedes Benz Mechanics

The Mercedes Benz combines performance with luxury, and part of the joy of owning one of these sophisticated German machines is keeping it in pristine working condition. At Menke’s Automotive, we understand that luxury class vehicles demand luxury class service. That’s why we’re proud to be the top rated Mercedes repair shop in the Evansville & Newburgh area. Find out why luxury cars are a specialty at Menke’s.

Mercedes Diagnostic Equipment

We have what it takes to keep your Mercedes Benz safe and stylish on the road.  The diagnostic equipment utilized by Menke’s is the same state of the art technology used by the Mercedes dealers themselves. 

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Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper Repair Newburgh Mini Cooper Mechanics

Normal is boring. That’s why the Mini Cooper was created. Voted the second most influential automobile in history (behind only the Ford Model T), these little cars have been making big statements on the roads of Evansville and Newburgh. It takes a special kind of driver to own a Mini, and it takes a special kind of automotive shop to repair them. That’s why Menke’s is proud to be the top rated Mini service facility in the area!

Mini Diagnostic Equipment

Owners want to trust that their Mini Cooper is being serviced with the most current technology available for their car.   Menke’s is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and from simple tune ups to sophisticated programming resets, Menke’s has you covered for all your Mini repair needs.  

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nissan Repair nissan Mechanic

From the unique luxury of the 370Z Roadster to the family friendly versatility of the Pathfinder, Nissan has produced some truly fabulous rides. Known for crafting vehicles that place an emphasis on quality and reliability, the Nissan name means a vehicle that’s built to impress both visually and structurally. This Japanese manufacturer offers a wide range of flavors, from the popular Murano SUV, to the incredible GT-R supercar, to the all-electric Leaf. No matter what kind of Nissan you drive, you can rest assured that Menke’s is well-equipped to keep it in perfect condition.

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Porsche Repair Evansville Porsche Mechanics 300x300The Porsche is a sleek German driving machine with the sheer power to match its delicate beauty. Nothing makes quite the same statement as hitting the streets of Evansville and Newburgh in one of these pioneering luxury sports cars. At Menke’s, we’re trained and equipped to keep your Porsche running like the day it was purchased. Buying a pre-owned Porsche? Have a pre-purchase inspection conducted by our meticulous technicians. Menke’s provides all services and repairs your Porsche needs to maintain its luxury and superior performance, and we’re proud to be the top rated Porsche service and repair garage in the area.

Porsche Diagnostic Equipment

Menke’s is just as enthusiastic about servicing foreign cars as you are about driving them.  That’s why we keep our garage fully updated with the latest in diagnostic equipment and factory direct parts to service your Porsche. 

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Subaru Repair Subaru Mechanic

The Subaru is only the twenty second most purchased vehicle in America, but with the widespread popularity of the Outback and a full line that goes from the sensible Impreza to the headturning BRZ, Subaru has earned its place in the contemporary pantheon of well-known driving machines. Sporting an identity split somewhere between family vehicle and off road adventurer, it might be best to describe the average Subaru owner as an urban explorer who’s ready for anything. At Menke’s, we want to keep you ready.


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Toyota Repair Newburgh Toyota Mechanics

Toyota isn’t just one of the most popular automobile manufacturers in the world, it’s also one of the largest employers in Southern Indiana. With a winning mixture of performance, dependability, and regional pedigree, it’s no surprise that these Japanese automobiles are a local favorite. Toyotas command some of the highest resale values on the market, and for that reason many buyers rightfully view their Toyota as an investment. Keep your investment in perfect condition and you can be guaranteed a good chunk of change in return when you’re ready to upgrade. Whether you drive a Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Prius, Tacoma, 4Runner, or even a Lexus or Scion, Menke’s is ready to address all of your Toyota needs.

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US / Domestic cars and trucks


God bless the USA! At Menke’s we’re experts on foreign cars of all kinds, but we keep a special place in our hearts for good old fashioned American craftsmanship and automotive design. From the Ford Model T to the Mustang, America has always been known for its love of cars, and there’s nothing quite like hitting the open road and touring the countryside in an all-American beauty. At least until it stops running. That’s when Menke’s gets to work.

Special Cars, Special Service

We service over twenty-five kinds of American cars, and each one is special.  From fast Fords to smooth Saturns, we have over two hundred and fifty years of combined experience working on the great American automobile.  At this point, the ASE certified technicians at Menke’s have seen just about everything that can go wrong with an American car, and in every case, we’ve fixed it.  With computer assisted engine analysis and quarterly training updates on the newest in diagnostic technology, we have the technology and expertise to keep Southern Indiana running fast and free on the road.

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Volkswagen Repair Newburgh Volkswagen Mechanic

Volkswagen made a big impression with its 1960’s “Think Small” campaign, and the famous 1962 “Lemon” ad is still associated with the brand fifty years later. Your Volkswagen may not be a lemon, but if it has any performance issues whatsoever, then Menke’s automotive is the best place for your vehicle. We treat your investment with the utmost care, from the fun to drive iconic Beetle to the luxurious Eos. As the top foreign car repair specialists in the Evansville and Newburgh area, we are Volkswagen lovers, and we have everything you need to get your VW running in perfect condition. When you walk into our service facility you will receive courtesy and respect by our friendly staff as they discuss your repair and maintenance needs.

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Volvo Repair Newburgh Volvo Mechanics 300x300

Volvos are perennial favorites for their sturdy construction and the highest safety ratings on the road. Combined with class leading fuel economy and superior power, these Swedish luxury cars are always a smart buy, but it can take a smart repair shop to service them. Luckily, Menke’s has you covered with the technology and expertise to keep your Volvo running safe and at peak performance.

Volvo Diagnostic Equipment

From computer assisted engine analysis to factory approved scanners, Menke’s is fully equipped to give foreign cars the same great service that you would expect from a dealer.  Stay Swedish right here in Newburgh—we use the factory approved parts and techniques preferred by Volvo to fix everything from computer programming errors to simple brake pad misalignments.

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