Need brake service you can trust?

Need brake service you can trust?

Hire trusted repair shop in Newburgh, IN.

Every day you open the door of your vehicle and trust that it will take you and your family to your destination safely. Unfortunately, without regular maintenance you can't always depend on the safety of your car. Regular brake pad replacement is one of the most important ways that you can not only increase the longevity of your car's brake system, but also ensure the safety of its performance.


Brake pad replacement is something that many people put off until it's too late. If brake pads are worn down, the rotors can be damaged, and brake rotor replacement is a much more labor intensive and costly sort of brake repair.

Fortunately, brake pads are designed to let you know when they need replacement. One of the most obvious signs is when it takes a little longer to stop, or when the brake pedal goes down a little further when you brake. Pay close attention to your car's performance and listen for squeaking noises when you apply the brakes.

Contemporary cars include a small piece of metal called a wear indicator. This piece of equipment is attached to the brake pad where it contacts the brake rotor, and when the pad is worn down, the indicator grinds against the rotor and causes a loud screeching when you apply the brakes. Having squeaky brakes is more than an embarrassing annoyance. That noise means it's time for brake pad replacement. Stay safe and save yourself money by heeding the warnings built right into your car.


There is no reliable mileage or time frame for replacing brake pads. Many factors have an influence on the life of your brake pads, from driving habits to basic environment. Those of you who drive long highway distances with little braking will have less wear on brakes, and a longer brake pad lifespan. City driving with lots of stops and starts will make more frequent replacement necessary. If you live in a hilly area, this can also affect the life of the brakes. With so many variables, the general rule for changing brake pads is pretty broad. We suggest replacing them approximately every 20,000 - 60,000 miles.

Your safest bet is to bring your car in for regular maintenance. A regular maintenance schedule will increase your car's reliability, safety, and resell value. For all of your brake maintenance needs, bring your car into Menke's Auto Repair!

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