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We've put together a list of some easy ways to check and see if the new "used" car or truck you are thinking about buying has been under water. 


1. Pat on carpet in hard to reach floor boards and under seats.  Check for moisture.

2. Pull carpet up and check for moisture.

3. Look for new carpet in older vehicles compared to door panels, seats, and headliner.  *Makes you wonder why carpet was replaced.

4. Carpet board warping on side panels.  Check for water line.

5. Check glove box for paper products that have been wet and also residue in bottom of glove box.

6. Gritty sounding seatbelts.

7. Check for rust on seat rails, screws and brackets under dash.

8. Test all electrical accessories, if several are inoperable: BE AWARE!


1. Check on top of spare tire for debris or mud, and also check under the spare tire.

2. Check for spare tire cover board wrapping.

3. Check moisture under carpets.

4. Check for moisture and debris in lower side fender panels.


1. Check for proper color of all oil base fluids.  They should not have a milky color.

2. Check to see if air filter has been wet or signs of water in air filter housing.

3. Look for high water line in engine compartment.

4. Check for debris that floated into radiator and A/C condenser lower mounting cradle.


1. Look for high water lines on frame rails, inside of wheels and tires, body panels.

2. Check for debris that has flooded into holes in frame rails.

3. Look for grass or yard debris on top of fuel tank.


1. Moisture in all headlights, tail lights, side lights, or high water lines.


1. Check to see if cabin air filter has been wet.


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